Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Google Training : Your Research Support Tools

GOOGLE TRAINING : Your Research Support Tools
Google apps are making various types of research work more easy such as organize scholarly sources, supporting quantitative research, store back-up files on clouds storage system & many more.  Let’s engage with Google intensively!

Introduction to Google
Basic features overview
Step-by-step use Google Drive / Scholar
Organize data/files
Keep in track your updates


1. Shahriza Fadly Misaridin
USM Google Scholar Advisor
Experts in Computer software related to Photography Editing & Literature Search, Customer Service, Negotiation Skills
IIUM Master in Library & Information Science

2. Mohd Ikhwan Ismail
USM Google Drive Advisor
Experts in Bibliometrics,
Customer Service, Community Outreach, Research work.
Experienced in Teaching & Learning for Information Literacy & Smart Literature Search. Special Courses for Postgraduates & PhD candidates.
IIUM Master in Library & Information Science.

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